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Ultimate Virtuosity

Ultimate Virtuosity 14 pack

Start the new year off right by getting my Ultimate Virtuosity 14 pack with the Interactive Guitar Technique E-Book. This 14 pack includes 13 of my instructional DVDs and my E-book on CD-ROM as well as the downloadable version. If you’re in a rut or just need to SUPERCHARGE your chops this is the perfect […]

An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel

My highly anticipated instructional video, “An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel” is now available! Go to my DVDs page to read all about it and pick up your copy today! It’s available in MP4 Download, DVD, and Bluray formats.

Played with Dweezil Zappa last night

Played with Dweezil Zappa last night and had a blast although I was very nervous. Pics are on my Facebook page.