Supersonic Sweeping Part 2 DVD

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  • Introduction
  • Melodic Minor Modes
  • Tetratonics
  • Sus Arpeggio Sequences ( only on Blu-ray )
  • 1-3 Arpeggios
  • Melodic Minor Arps in Groups of 4 in Diatonic 3rds
  • Melodic Minor Arps in Groups of 4 in Diatonic 4ths
  • Melodic Minor Arps in Groups of 5 in Diatonic 4ths
  • Melodic Minor Arps in Groups of 5 in Diatonic 5ths
  • Melodic Minor Hybrids 1
  • Melodic Minor Hybrids 2
  • Melodic Minor Hybrid Extensions
  • Melodic Minor Six String Sweep Arpeggios
  • African Minor Blues
  • African Minor Blues Reprise ( only on Blu-ray )


In Part 2 of Supersonic Sweeping we will explore the melodic minor scale and all the modes, hybrids, and arpeggios in regards to economy and sweep picking ideas. We will also touch on some new concepts such as Tetratonics and I’ll show you new and exciting ways to play arpeggios and seamlessly put this altogether to create a supersonic style.

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1 review for Supersonic Sweeping Part 2 DVD

  1. 5 out of 5

    Derryl's approach to picking keeps the direction when changing strings consistent, also economic, to make it flow fluidly. He also takes us far out of just the scale and triad world into pentatonic, hybrid and modal applications in very creative and methodical ways. These concepts and not in the noe-classical style but fusion and advanced fusion. and this DVD is exhaustive melodic minor and diminished material. There are so very little very advanced material out there and even less fusion , so often I've got a DVD home and its a let down, its too easy of just the last sections are useful to the advancing guitarist. Derryl makes his tuition so accessible to both the intermediate level both in theory and technique also the super advancing player both in theory and technique. This DVD title will last you years and take that to master , no let down here , both pdf and free powertabs and supplied which as you may know can be slowed right down The basic technical approaches will be explained briefly but concisely and very well then the full on lessons begin In the previous DVD the major scale and modes were the main focus but this title goes into more details about the melodic minor and would be prudent to have the pentatonic passages and DVD 1 master

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