Visions and Dreams Spiral Bound Songbook and Digital Download

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Visions and Dreams eSongBook

  1. Miles from Home MP3
  2. Alright MP3
  3. Spending Time with You MP3
  4. Friends MP3
  5. Visions and Dreams MP3
  6. Tell Me MP3 Transcriptions Click here to watch a demo
  7. Song for JessieMP3
  8. Blue Fingers MP3


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Product Description

Presented here is the spiral bound, 370 page Visions and Dreams Song Book signed by Derryl Gabel. This paperback book has protective see through covers and is made with premium high grade quality paper and card stock and bound with a heavy duty spiral binder that will last a lifetime with proper use. When you buy this book you’ll also get the Digital Download which contains transcription and mp3 album and backing track files of all the tunes from the Visions and Dreams album. This includes all the guitar and bass parts. You’ll receive this immediately after your order is placed on the “Order Received” redirect page. You will also be emailed the download links.
An enormous amount of work went into capturing what was recorded. Each transcription is beautifully done in the Guitar Pro 6 and PDF formats. Guitar Pro 6 allows you to loop and slow down individual licks and or sections to practice with. If you don’t have Guitar Pro 6 software I have included all the parts in the PDF format as well. Each GP6 and PDF file contains the transcription of the guitar solo, the rhythm guitar, and bass parts in guitar tab and standard notation. Also included are performance notes describing techniques used as well as liner notes and gear setup. Not only that but you will have mp3s of the Visions and Dreams album and the backing tracks! If you want some amazing guitar and bass licks, great compositional ideas, super cool chord voicings and progressions, and tons of inspiration pick up your copy today! This version also includes the digital download.

All solos, rhythm guitar, and bass tracks are transcribed in tab and standard notation in the Guitar Pro 6 and PDF formats. Once your order is placed you will be directed to a link for the downloads. Your signed book will be mailed out the next business day after your order is placed. Keep in mind I only offer customer service and support to customers who buy my products from me or authorized vendors.

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2 reviews for Visions and Dreams Spiral Bound Songbook and Digital Download

    5 out of 5


    This book and accompanying Guitar Pro files are truly a masterpiece. The book is a gorgeous work of art with endless treasures for the aspiring fusion/rock/jazz guitarist. Aside from being a technical marvel, the package also provides enough practice content and new ideas to last a lifetime. I am so grateful that Derryl made this available at such a reasonable price as this combination of virtuoso skill and impeccable transcription technique does not surface very often.

    I am confident that Derryl’s epic “Visions and Dreams Songbook” will go down in history as one of the very best instructional tools of its kind.

    5 out of 5


    Fans of Derryl Gabel will be excited to learn that he has finally released the complete Visions and Dreams Songbook with four purchase options. I have followed Derryl’s instructional guitar videos since the beginning and always found something new and innovative in his approach to guitar playing. This project is no exception. I decided to go with the $100.00 option because it also has the complete 300+ page book already printed out. You also get a digital copy of the songbook already burned to a CD as well as digital copies of the songbook, MP3 backing tracks, PDF transcriptions of all the songs and Guitar Pro Files of the songs. From the treacherous lick at 4:30 of Vision and Dreams or the cool clean chords of Spending Time with You, it’s all here. The $100.00 option is really worth it when you see everything you get and the time it must have taken to transcribe all the songs.

    Each song contains performance notes, gear used, etc. as well as the origin of each tune. When I say complete, he has the leads tabbed out, followed by a separate transcription for the rhythm, harmony guitar and, lastly, yes even the bass guitar. There are other options with the $35.00 option getting you the complete 370 page downloadable songbook which you could print out if you so choose. I think I own just about every instructional Derryl has ever put out and I’ve never been disappointed and never asked for a refund in my life. This is really an exciting time for Derryl’s fans and I hope everyone checks out his other great products.

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